Artist Rebel Rae is a DM(V) native (short for DC, Maryland, Virginia) and a direct product of her cultural diverse background. She credits her pursuance of music to her Grandpa often stating “I was 9yrs old sharing the piano bench with my Grandpa in the house his father built in 1928 when he insisted that my voice is my instrument”. Rae’s professional career started at the age of 14. When High School class scheduling conflicts meant she wouldn’t be able to participate in theater she decided it was time to turn her hobby into the rest of her life. After spending the last two years of High School shuffling back in forth between regular teenage life, and 4 hour bus rides to NYC to audition and film. Rae new exactly what move she would be making come college time. She applied to one school in Los Angeles California, and got in. For the following two years Rae spent the majority of her time honing her skills as a Fashion Design major. By the time she graduated she was a credited Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist, and had completed her 2nd collection. Around graduation time Rae new it was finally time to focus full force on her music. Quickly realizing that she was ill versed in the mechanics of the music industry Rae reached out to her small network of musicians. Armed with only a note book filled with lyrics she would sit silently in other Artist recording sessions for a year before she would get her shot. One day someone would ask her to sing the words she had been writing and mumbling to herself in a corner. What came out was a clear connection between the music and her lyrical message, combined with a tone not attributed to any artist before her.

Rebel Rae is someone who takes every trial, tribulation, and inspiration of her life and transforms it into a rhythmic dissertation